New Feature - Bulk Pricing

We are excited to announce a new feature to the store: bulk pricing! On our top sellers, you will now receive a 5% bulk discount if a quantity of 50 pieces are purchased. Eligible items will show the bulk pricing in their descriptions.

Among these items are the D1346 Javalina Midnight Pen, the D1369 Big Jake Screwdriver, and the D1360 Collapsible Can Coolie: perfect for trade shows and everyday promotion! There are also many clothing options available for bulk pricing, including the popular D1415 line of Competitor tees! (The discount does not include the extended size charge)

Please note that you cannot combine apparel with products to meet the minimum quantity. You can however mix and match the eligible apparel to meet the requirement and the same goes for our products. 

See examples below:

20 of D1346 + 30 of D1369 = 5% off all!

20 of D1415 + 30 of D1369 = no discount

As always if you have higher quantities or any questions you can contact us!

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